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My gypsy year

February 4, 2013

I just came across this Sydney v Melbourne infographic and it reminded me of the surprised faces on the weekend when I told my Melbourne friends this is my gypsy year!

I’ve decided to split my year between Sydney and Melbourne, housesitting, working (and of course eating).

It more or less just happened. I headed over to Sydney in mid-December without a return flight and had the best time I’ve had in Sydney for a long time. And I didn’t return until the end of January. It’s my original home town and as much as Melbourne is home to me now, there are anchors in Sydney which make me feel great – like my primary school bestie and her quickly growing offspring – who can now say ‘Aunty Louise’ and all kinds of fantastic things… mostly about lego ninjas, but nonetheless. Being around people who have known me for a long, long time is lovely. And there’s a pause in my somewhat crazy (albeit wonderful) Melbourne schedule.

It’s perhaps a little collaborative consumption exercise too. And also a good disruptor – although I’m still crazy busy, changing cities regularly does make you consider your time more.

So far my only drawbacks have been:

– falling in love with a housesit Kelpie who I miss daily
– leaving some dry cleaning in Sydney (no biggie… I’ll be back soon enough)
– realising how much I missed having my shoes in one place (seriously. I’m not proud)

As for the old Sydney v Melbourne… I’ll leave that to others to decide…

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