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My Top 5 places to eat in Hong Kong

August 30, 2012

Welcome kittens

My Business Partner is leavin’ this week to eat around China… and it forced me to finally do my list of Hong Kong restaurants. I’ve meant to do a post here forever, so until that happens, here’s a very rough list (clearly I couldn’t stop at 5!). I’ve only spent a little bit of time (x2) in Hong Kong and use my Michelin guide like a bible… so love to hear your tips.

Hong Kong places to go

1. Lung King Heen at the Four Seasons – more $ than most but amazing – leave some time to get through it all – 3 michelin star

2. Yard Bird for snacks and drinks one night – run by americans – awesome.

3. Che’s Wan Chai for pork buns and custard tarts – not fancy – and in an office bld, but tasty – I lunched

4. Din Tai Fung – fast… good shanghai dumpling – go watch the chefs… like maccas but… not

5. If you are in TST and go to the shoe library – the cafe there is pretty good – chef is ex-Yard Bird

6. Olala Wan Chai is nothing special but is my favourite. Good eavesdropping on the ex pats to be had. and chicken soup and OHMYGODMANGOSPONGECAKE

7. I like Lok Cha and wish I had seen the music concert thingy – is all vege. Great radish cake – beautiful tea ceremonies – and there’s a 1978 oolong which rocks. Maybe something about a phoenix in the name too.

Peeps rave about Yellow Door but you gotta book ahead with a group and I haven’t been.

Peeps say Luk Yu – most traditional blah blah… I say meh.

I haven’t been to Linguini Fini but chatted to them and they seem lovely.

If you’ve seen In the mood for love or are curious as to just how lax hygiene standards are, try Goldfinch.

Not Felix. If you are in TST, there’s a jazz bar called Ned Kelly which is worth seeing if only because it’s so freaking weird. In an excellent way.

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