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Hey hey it’s Friday and… Stress Down Day

July 27, 2012


It’s stress down day. Does that make you feel more stressed? No time for stress down day? I hear you.

It’s difficult to dismount a moving treadmill. There’s no grace in it. And it seems slowing down is not an option… But really, that’s just asking for trouble. If we don’t pause ourselves, our bodies will, and stress is an indicator it’s on its way to showing us a big fat STOP sign.

Last night I met Lifeline’s Chris Wagner in the recently-Bieber-eradicated Olsen Penthouse with slippers on my feet and bubbles in hand… “Australians are crap at managing stress. 93% of Australians are stressed. 7% are liars,” he said. Well said.

“Australians are crap at managing stress. 93% of Australians are stressed. 7% are liars.” – Chris Wagner, Lifeline

He also offered five simple tips…

One: Do exercise.

Two: Talk to someone you trust.

Three: Speak to your GP.

Four: Eat well

Five: Do something you enjoy. Think of something you enjoy… now when’s the last time you did it?

We also had a quick health check, a quick manicure and a quick massage… lovely. Except I found out my cholesterol reading… boo. Food writing is a dangerous game.

Stress Down Day is a great reminder to put our feet up and also a fundraiser for Lifeline – who take a call every 50seconds from seriously stressed peeps in crisis. What a job. Check out to help them out. Big ups to major sponsor BUPA insurance too.

Slippers should be essential in the workplace – try it today! Cheryl Lin of Business Chic styling them up with a little black dress!

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