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Fifty things I would like to do this lifetime, in no particular order

April 6, 2012

View from my current thinking perch - awesome apartment for rent, Melbourne CBD

I hope your Easter is going hopping ace! I am in the process of considering what decisions to make and hopes to hold in light of a rapidly approaching crossroads. I thought I’d pen (keyboard) fifty things I would like to do this lifetime, then sort out a few life phases, then get into it. Easy, right?

Worth a go.


1. write a book
2. write another book (and another etc)
3. be companion to a hound
4. be companion to a cat
5. be companion to a human (hey – turns out this is in order!)
6. travel – Africa
7. travel – Luxembourg
8. travel – somewhere random (okay, maybe not in order)
9. live out of a suitcase
10. live in the same place for five years
11. start and run a successful business
12. take six months off
13. holiday with my bros
14. live in the same city as my London bestie (hopefully she moves, huh?)
15. make new friends
16. seek out inspirational folk and experiences
17. help make animal’s lives better
18. read books (and more and more)
19. learn French (mostly just the food words)
20. do more video stuff
21. make a difference
22. retain integrity
23. travel – Broome/camel trek
24. live somewhere rural
25. stay in a shack by the beach
26. travel – Hong Kong/China
27. travel – India
28. travel – New York
29. work and live overseas (HK, NYNY, Luxembourg, anywhere really)
30. play a part in helping my friends achieve their goals
31. convince humans to be kinder
32. live someplace I’m allowed to wallpaper a wall
33. have a parlour and host excellent gatherings of intelligent types
34. write for a fantastic food mag
35. connect excellent people
36. keep writing for a living
37. empower passionate people
38. have enough runway to exhale ($, time, energy)
39. find exercise which I enjoy
40. always wonder, always grow, always learn
41. hold my bestie’s babies
42. spend time with people who I can let my guard down around
43. fall in love
44. plant a garden and share the fruits
45. live above a shop
46. have great human connections
47. forgive mediocre humans
48. plan incredible funeral with marching band
49. die with dignity
50. start again

Right, so that doesn’t so much give me a map for the next few months but it is interesting. You can do it too if you like. In the comments, or on that serviette, or wherever. I’d love to see it. Or it can be your secret.

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  1. April 16, 2012 11:55 pm

    My shack by the beach will always have a room for you.

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