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I didn’t know you were in a book

March 12, 2012

Conversations with Creative Women by Tess McCabe

“I didn’t know you were in a book!” It was a text, from a very close girlfriend of mine, who was flicking through Conversations with Creative Women by Melburnian Tess McCabe. Why hadn’t I told her?

I haven’t yelled and shouted about being in the book although I feel incredibly privileged and excited to be included. Partly that was lack of time and partly I was pretty bashful about being included – in a gorgeous book in the company of some amazing business people.

To begin at the beginning (always an excellent place to start) I was recommended to Tess by my dear friend Cheryl Lin. The email from lovely Tess came when I was up to my eyeballs in work. She was writing a book about the careers of creative women. I blew the deadline to return responses to Tess’ questions, sent in stream-of-consciousness answers and to be honest, didn’t think about it again much. I didn’t know what to expect from the final product.

As it turns out, it’s gorgeous. The stock is gorgeous, the design is gorgeous, the content is gorgeous. It’s well-edited and laid out and tells the stories of some extraordinary women. It’s a great read and great inspiration to creative people making a career of their passions.

Each title page is beautifully designed by a different creative women. Mine was done by the lovely Jennifer Henderson of Love JK. We met at the book launch and have since become friends. I sent one of her beautiful framed children’s wall hangings to my best friend’s kids for Christmas.

The book includes interviews with 15 Australian women. I’m going to list them all, because they’re all freaking awesome: Kristen Doran, Lucy Feagins, Marian Hosking, Clare Lancaster, Maryann Talia Pau, Cristina Re, Kate Vernon, Masayo Yasuki, Serena Lindeman, Grace Camobreco, Seja Vogel, Tess Lloyd, Maja Rose and Pip Lincolne.

The launch of the book was a great night – so many women I admired eating and drinking, perusing the pages of the book which were printed up large and displayed around the room. I met some amazing people. Much as I’ve seen my name in print many times, it’s a little surreal seeing it this way.

Anyway, I’m in a book…

Title page by the lovely Jennifer Henderson

Example piece from Peppermint magazine (thanks for letting us use it Pepperminters!)

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  1. March 13, 2012 9:06 am

    Yay! You’re in a book! 😉

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