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LMFF: Nobody was Dirty

March 11, 2012


Food festival and Fashion Festival have taken their toll and I am exhausted.

I’m not alone. So many writers and other media types are burning the candle both ends and in the middle.

It’s rewarding work though. Tonight I got to celebrate the launch of the Nobody was Dirty exhibition at NGV Studio (at Federation Square off Swanston Street).

Tullia Jack made the study happen, inviting 30 people to wear a custom pair of Nobody jeans five days per week for 3 months without washing them.

Much of a fashion garment’s environmental impact happens during the use phase. Washing, drying and the resources and chemicals to achieve them take a huge toll.

The project explores modern ideas of cleanliness, and how beliefs about washing have evolved.

The jeans have not been washed and you’re welcome to take a whiff. More information at I also interviewed one of the participants, Chris Gorley.





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  1. March 11, 2012 12:20 am

    lov your blog
    i follow you
    check out my page if u want

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