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Melbourne Food and Wine Festival: Masked L’Aperitivo at Grosvenor Hotel

March 3, 2012

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival opened yesterday, Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival officially opens on 8 March (although the fun’s already started) and Melbourne International Comedy Festival opens on 28 March. What a month!

I’m excited and exhausted all at once.

Last night I masked up for the Grosvenor Hotel’s shindig, Masked L’Aperitivo. I made quick dash to the costume store (called ‘Party and You’ which my friend Kealey finds hilarious considering my name). As it turned out there was no need – there were masks at the door!

Grosvenor amped up the theatre with a fire twirler on the footpath outside, a red carpet pounded by a New Yoik photographer and a decorative bronze living statue at the end. I am a complete pushover for street theatre/party theatre/any theatre so had soon forgotten my Friday (which was an interesting one indeed and no small feat to forget, but that is another story).

Having had my picture taken with the living statue and feeling a flash of busker-watcher-guilt at not having any spare change to offer (gut response, there was no need and no way to offer thanks; although I did mouth ‘thank you’ to make sure. I think she winked), we headed inside.

This was my kind of party. Tables and tables laden with food and drink. Entertainers galore and a disguise so that no-one could see how much mozzarella I was wolfing down. (Perhaps except for the lovely man from La Latteria – 104 Elgin Street, Carlton. I give you the address because you Must Go Immediately.) The fresh (cows) mozzarella was curvaceous and warm on the inside.  The slightly sour-er buffalo mozzarella which was also excellent. Not to mention the Frank Sinatra of ricotta (smooth).

In an adjacent room a man cut local and imported proscuitto, salami and bresoala on a beautiful old slicer. A chef laboured away shucking oysters (and she was allergic – what a trooper) and the dessert table whispered from a corner.

A joker appeared with a dark wit and balloon corsages, A beautiful man with a piano accordion played, whilst memorising names and brokering introductions.

A lovely evening to make way for the weekend! Have an excellent one, whatever you’re up to.

Crazy photographer and jester

A statue that winked at me

Buffalo mozzarella by La Latteria

Sydney Oysters shucked on the spot.

Slice of heaven

Rabbits! Actual relaxed rabbits at a party. They came with the magician (naturally)

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  1. March 3, 2012 9:01 am

    Delicious! I want to go and get me some smooth Frank Sinatra – I mean the cheese! Nice write up, lady and what a Friday! I hope you get some rest this weekend xx

    • LouPardi permalink*
      March 3, 2012 8:55 pm

      Thanks lady, lots of sleeping hours today! xox

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