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Franco Yeung – Volare

March 3, 2012

Franco Yeung outside his stand at Hong Kong World Boutique

I met Franco Yeung at Hong Kong World Boutique in January.

Franco designs shoes and bags for high street labels, but was showing his own Volare range. He’s a Hong Kong local with a soft spot for Australia. He studied in Perth. “I first studied architecture and then I moved to graphic for them and also interior [design],” he told me. “But when I came back to Hong Kong I was making leather for some trading company and then working together with some designers from Italy and the US. I found out I loved it. So I started to do some more.”

Franco’s Volare line encompasses bags, shoes and wallets, in neutral and safe hues. “I try to provide the image of natural, simple – but actually [there are] small details. I spend more time on the small leather piping, the place for paint, this kind of thing,” he explained. Comfort is also a major factor. “I try to combine the evening shoes and sport shoes. So when you touch the heels, you don’t feel like evening shoes, but the look is evening shoes.”

Well worth keeping an eye on this man.

Volare boots and loafers

Invisible laces!

Ladies flats

Franco focusses on details in texture and colour in his designs

Franco Yeung with his Volare shoes and bag


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