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Taiwan designer Andre Kao

February 13, 2012

Taiwan designer Andrew Kao's beautiful dresses

Hong Kong fashion week brings together many designers old and new. Accordingly it’s unusual to find garments that stand out.

Andre Kao’s designs do just that: striking and bright without being garish, with excellent craftsmanship and beautiful embellishments.

In Taiwan there are nine different indigenous groups. Kao is a Taiwan aboriginal of the Paiwan tribe. “Different aboriginals have different typical colours, so his idea came from aboriginal colours and paintings,” explains his interpreter.

Kao has been designing for around six years, but his current collection of about 40 pieces is the first presented to the international market. At Hong Kong world boutique buyers from Turkey, North America and some Middle Eastern countries were interested in the collection.

The collection is made in Taiwan in a factory which is government supported. The hand beading is in the style of Paiwan aboriginal artwork.

Andre Kao with his printed and beaded pieces

Kao's dresses

The each unique dress with patterns made of contrasting panels takes one person five days to make. “It’s all hand cut, hand made, we make a hole here, and put the fabric here, and so the angle here is difficult to make. Very hard,” explains Kao’s interpreter, pointing out the corner of the triangular panels which is perfectly finished.

Dresses like the paneled piece retail for $US799, but items that take less labour have lower price points. Future collections will include more prints and florals.

Kao does not currently have an Australian stockist – can’t wait until he does!

Kao at his stall at Hong Kong world boutique in January 2012

Detail of one of Kao's printed and beaded pieces inspired by Paiwan artworks

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  1. andre kao permalink
    May 27, 2012 8:51 pm


    ANDRE K.

    • LouPardi permalink*
      May 28, 2012 9:37 am

      My pleasure Andre – love your work!

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