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Hey, Joe… Where you goin’ with that pulled pork bun in your hand?

February 8, 2012

Pulled pork bun

This is a little video of Snapper, you can watch it or just click it for nice reading tunes…

Many months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Laura – who had arrived in Australia from the UK (although she’s originally American) to set up Yelp Oz. She had come to Melbourne in search of a community manager and was meeting people, who knew people, who knew people, who might know of the right person to be a community manager. She eventually met and placed the incredible Tresna in Melbourne, and she’s close to placing someone awesome in Sydney too!

I haven’t had much experience with Yelp overseas, but have heard good things. I was a keen Foursquarer (not so much for badges as for the community), so I was interested to see what would make Yelp different.

Turns out quite a lot. I’ve got enormous respect for the Australian team, and am so glad to see an organisation which really ‘gets’ online community – and appreciates that in-real-life catch ups are essential to nurturing online community.

Tonight was Yelp’s first Australian event. And it was great.


Gorgeous girls

Hungry gents

A group of fabulous people, in the newly renovated (formerly Greasy) Joe’s in St Kilda, with great tunes, great booze, and great food.

Two food stations were set up in the main room, so people could go and have their pulled pork bun… ah, pulled, or their snapper and salad constructed to their liking. there were also cones of fish with gorgeous hand-cut, rosemary-flecked chips. A winner in my books.

I may be biased, ’cause some of my favourite people were there, but it seemed to be a great vibe, and a great night! A really fantastic (and delicious) introduction to the ‘new’ Joe’s too.



These people are almost as excited about food as I am.

Gorgeous Brownie (I tried to wolf one of these down to prove a point. Don't think it helped my cause.)

St Kilda sunset

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  1. February 9, 2012 10:15 am

    Lovely to have you there Lou! Thank you for your kind wrap up 🙂

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