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February 4, 2012

I discovered Olala in the Michelin guide and ventured up the hill from the main drag in Wan Chai to find it. It’s worth the climb. Stop off at the Scandinavian design and clothes shops on Star Street if you need a break.

It's a long way to the top, if you wanna... Mango Cake.

The lovely Olala (also, Ugg boots are popular, uggh)

Olala has a cafe-style dining room with tiled floor, comforting heavy tables and clean neutral walls. A mix of locals and ex-pat-who-are-now-locals chatter. I’m sat too close to a pair of girlfriends talking in confidence and I’m pretty sure one of them winces.

Truth be told their conversation was pretty pedestrian and it was the older couple to my left who I unintentionally tuned into at various points, including a discussion on happiness, “She can’t even be happy in this moment, how does she expect to be happy in the future?” which was a rather inconvenient potential truth.

I ordered chicken noodle soup and it was fantastic, a deep pool of oil-free, light,broth, with fresh greens, possibly re hydrated mushrooms, silky noodles and quality chicken. I prettymuch inhaled it and it was quickly cleared by the staff.

Sublime Olala chicken noodle soup

It was really just a pre-cursor though, to dessert.

A slice of the most amazing mango sponge, light and airy, with tiers connected by a layer of creamy goodness pebbled with pieces of mango. What makes this dessert though is the sauce, a pool of mango puree which is freshing, sweet and utterly addictive.

The divine Olala Fresh Mango Sponge Cake

Lunch (noodles, tea, dessert) came in at $HK140, or $16.85 Australian. Crazy.

Olala might not strictly be considered a cultural experience. But it’s a great cafe (or restaurant) by anyone’s terms. The food is outstanding, the environment is clean, the staff are efficient, and the Mango sponge is potentially worthy of its own religion. Or at least a little video documenting its consumption…

What's on the menu...

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