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Chinese New Year

January 29, 2012

Having just returned from Hong Kong I’m even fonder of the Chinese New Year celebrations outside Crown Casino by the Yarra River.

I love a dancing lion and for once the fire breathing columns seem to fit in, this year being the year of the dragon. A good pal of mine also stilt walks as a God of prosperity and by all accounts has an excellent view down ladies’ tops (just one of the perils of the trade, he assures me).

The stalls are a hotchpotch of offerings from the relevant (statues of dragons and dim sim) to the obscure (handbags and potato stick swirls).

Nonetheless it’s an entirely enjoyable stroll and if you’re feeling the heat there’s a stall of parasols, or the ever reliable ice cream shop at Crown with the most authentic Cherry Ripe I’ve ever tried.

Worth a visit! Last show 10:30pm this evening.

This lady looks a bit like one of my besties so if I squint I can imagine she's here and not in London...

Lucky fella

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  1. February 1, 2012 3:06 pm

    Looks like a really good celebration love the synchronised dragons dancing.

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