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Hello again

December 9, 2011

Hello Pardi People (please take that in the puntastic way in which it was intended, not in the weirdly slightly sectish way),

I’ve made a pre-nye-solution to write you more.

So I’ve got about 12 mins of lunch ‘break’ to tell you about my night last night.

It was good. How was yours?


Ok, more detail.

I’ve put on Cyndi Lauper, for lunch break blog writing time. Later I will go back to something more sedate for serious job working time.

Anyway, last night, finished the dayjob (blissfully worked from home. got heaps done and sang out loud in process. excellent) then put on some clothes (compulsory for outdoors) and set off to the Bento and Edenborough Evans showcase at 100th Gallery. Those who have been following the bouncing ball will recollect that Bento (clothing label) and 100th Gallery (up n comers art gallery) are two of my favourite things in Melbourne, possibly the planet. Edenborough Evans is new to me, but their things are shiny and beautiful, so probably they will be favourites soon enough.

Mr T (this is how I have decided to transcribe my manfriend in blogland, and he should be pleased, ‘cos the alternative was T-Lo, like J-Lo but without his own fragrance. I mean he does have a subtle odour, but it’s not bottled). Anyway, Mr T was already there drinking champagne as is oft the case of late (sorry about that, I am late for most things) and his lovely petite sister and incredibly tall manfriend were there also, stroking fine Bento fabrics and dangling fine Edenborough Evans metals. Delicious.

If I were a namedropper (which as shall revealed next sentence, I am) I would also mention that the venerable Daniel P Dykes of, her royal awesomeness, Phoebe Montague of Lady Melbourne and her effortless hotness, Alicia Hannah Naomi (not Naomi, Alicia… as I will now remember), of Sea of Ghosts, the stunning Sarah Willcocks, Editrix of Style Melbourne and Tania Goode of both (small)LUST and Pugnacious George were in attendance. Even later than me, The Bear arrived. Big ups to Porter Novelli for their Jack + Bill program which made it possible for Briony Carland and Mandy Griffiths to support these ace labels.

I took some pictures which I shall now share with you. Surprisingly there are none of food. Take a moment. I apologise. It was sushi though, standard round delicious set up which is often served at 100th Gallery openings (which if you join the mailing list, you just might get invited to).


Bento designer Samantha Hardman is crestfallen I've beaten her at rock scissors paper (again)

Lovely Edenborough Evans ladies who are smiling, as I have not yet challenged them to rock scissors paper founder Daniel P Dykes, with the ladies of the evening

Mr T sporting Edenborough Evans cufflinks - Love these, just like old school letter seals

100th Gallery founder, Charles Hardman shows his art skillz with a well-executed photobomb

The pop up is open tonight until lateish and tomorrow and there are some ace discounts! Details on the 100th Gallery Blog and if you want to make a night of it, lots of Greville Street is opening late tonight – huzzah for Christmas shopping in the village!

And I’m off. At this juncture, I’m meant to ask a question to incite conversation I think? So tell me, is it ‘rock paper scissors’ or ‘scissors paper rock’? And what is your no-fail approach? Next blog, we mythbust ‘tails never fails’ (not really, ‘cos we might accidentally bomb someone’s house).

Four hours to the weeeekend!

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  1. December 10, 2011 12:52 pm

    rock paper scissors all the way, Pardi!

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