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orangutans in the palm of your hand…

June 16, 2011


Thank you all so much for your support of palm oil labelling!

With the coalition now behind the Truth in Labelling – Palm Oil bill, and the bill going back to the senate today (23 June 2011) there’s are just two more gents to woo – & – send them an email now!


Hello lovely blogosphere peeps,

I try to stay calm about environmental issues. I try to say we’re on the journey. We can’t all get to the end tomorrow. We can’t turn this ship overnight. Sometimes I succeed, like curbing my views on fast-fash temple Zara, keeping it light. Sometimes I fail. When I think about an Orang-utan dying Every Two Hours because of Palm Oil.

I’m going to try not to rant. I’m going to try not to cry.

I’ve had the great privilege of being face to face with orang-utans perhaps more often than many people and it is humbling. When they look you in the eye there’s no doubt that they’re at least 87% human. I’ve spoken to people who work on the ground in Indonesia with Orangs who have been displaced. Orangs whose homes have been cleared for palm oil plantations. I’ve spoken with people who’ve gone out with rangers to collect orangs and found animals malnourished, with their hands and feet bound. People who play with the young orangs whose parents have been killed in the burning. Orang sanctuaries are filling, populations are dropping, and if things continue, soon we won’t be able to save the species. Clearing for palm oil also affects tigers, elephants and many other animals. And despite what you may be told, the long term affects of palm oil farming on local human villages are not positive either.

These animals are losing their habitat because we use palm oil. Because we don’t demand sustainable palm oil. And we are robbed of this choice because palm oil right now can be labelled as vegetable oil, and a number of other innocuous names. Taking this opportunity from us, an opportunity to stop funding the killing of one orang every two hours, is unfair. (See, I did curb it. Unfair is just one of a billion adjectives I could have used, some soon illegal in Victoria).

The Truth in Labelling – Palm Oil bill went to the senate this year. 160,000 Australians got behind the Don’t Palm Us Off campaign to have palm oil labelled on products. Unfortunately the senate ignored us. Next Thursday Senator Xenophon will re-introduce the Truth in Labelling – Palm Oil bill to the senate. We want it to be accepted.

I’d love your help in telling Federal members of parliament that you want this bill passed. That we want labelling to show us when there’s palm oil in a product.

It’s as simple as writing to your Federal member and saying ‘I support the Truth in Labelling – Palm Oil Bill. Please support it.’ (That’s less than 140 characters in case your member is on Twitter…). You can find your member’s contact details here. If you’re not sure who your member is this will help. Feel free to tell them why you support it too.

You can attach this lil’ guy if you like, and if you’d like him as your avatar on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare (so many etcs), go right ahead.

x Lou

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7 Comments leave one →
  1. Jacquie permalink
    June 16, 2011 5:37 pm

    Tears to my eyes. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  2. June 17, 2011 12:26 am

    Email sent to my federal member x

  3. LouPardi permalink*
    June 17, 2011 12:29 am

    ta ladies. x

  4. Susanna permalink
    June 22, 2011 9:17 pm

    I emailed my member – and asked him to let me know how he voted… I am now going to send your email to everyone I can. xx

  5. June 22, 2011 9:48 pm

    Passed the Senate – now the Australian redhead has to act to help save the Indonesian redheads in the lower house. Peter Garrett where are you?

    • LouPardi permalink*
      June 23, 2011 7:35 am

      yeah, if anyone knows about oils it should be him!


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