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The questioning: Simon Godfrey

April 12, 2011

Oh hello.

I’ve decided to question some people who are goshdarntalented and dashing…

First up that incredibly multi-skilled Simon Godfrey from Siberian Husky, which he creates with Mr Dan Allemann. I saw a preview of their Comedy Festival show Quadrophonic Kaleidoscope the other night and I was blown away. I haven’t seen anything of this excellence for a very long time (artistic friends, by ‘a very long time’ I mean ‘your last show’, particularly if you happen to be Telia Nevile*). It’s a little surreal, it’s a lot off-the-wall, it’s a little wrong, it’s a lot right, it’s tightly crafted and wonderfully executed. I’m super excited to see how the guys go this comedy festival. I suspect awesomeness awaits.

prepared for almost any eventuality

Can't decide whether to christen this 'Prepared for almost any eventuality' or 'RAINBOWLASER'. Nonetheless, they look very capable, yes?

The Questioning of Simon Godfrey (one half of a husky)

Question 1:

If you were speaking to someone who had thus far lived in a cave and not attended any live entertainment, how would you describe your show?

After I’d brought this person up to speed by explaining theatre from Ancient Greek plays, to Roman Theatre, Medieval European Theatre, melodramas, Theatre of the absurd and through to MTC’s latest offering, I’d take a small break. Then I’d put on a record of loud groaning sounds and strike the person with a decorative plate explaining, “Our show is like that, but funny.”

Question 2:
What are your wildest dreams? Your ultimate reality?
To live in a futuristic utopia where my fridge doesn’t make that bloody humming sound.

Question 3:
How do you and Dan go about creating your freaking awesome sketches?

I work alone in a dank room, working only by candlelight and writing jokes in between tears. A decrepit butler brings me cold cups of tea on the hour, whispering discouraging words. And I think Dan uses a laptop.

Thanks Simon!

Check out their site and buy tickets to their comedy festival show at:

*but also you, of course.

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  1. loupardi permalink*
    April 12, 2011 4:59 pm

    There are about a gazillion other shows I have been meaning to check out. Any hot tips? AND I shall be questioning people from time to time… let me know if there’s anyone I should questionise. x


  1. This Is Siberian Husky | See our MICF show "Quadraphonic Kaleidoscope"

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