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What have you come as wednesday?

February 16, 2011

One day I’m going to do an Addams Family inspired piece and use the headline ‘What have you come as, Wednesday?’ and it will be hilarious.

Meanwhile, today’s outfit is this:

yeah. meant to be galloping. look like creep(ing)

how to get your shoes in frame. fly like an eagle.

And now… inspired by…


Tommy Woodcock, and Phar Lap. That is some beautiful horse love right there.

You’re quite right, Tommy Woodcock was in fact a strapper and not a jockey so probably unlikely to wear a hat like mine. But I am inspired by Phar Lap (noone mention my hindquarters now. noone) for this – the shape of the hat just screams National Velvet, yes? Hat had its first night out the other night. People love it. Bit of a show pony, but what can you do?



Hat – vintage from Hide and Seek Market at Thousand Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne – Sundays – 10am – 3pm

Owl Brooch – gift from London bestie

Dress – op shop find

Shoes – from the bottom of my wardrobe

Cardi – Victoria Woods

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