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a day in food

February 7, 2011

Gosh it’s awfully late (or early, 4am) but I do want to keep up the Much Munch Monday… so in a fabulous illustration of my slackness, here is my day in food…

It’s Sunday morning, I’m meeting a friend for brunch but because it’s raining she and her lovely fiance decide to pick me up. Awesome. Bleary pre-coffee conversation in car ensues until we arrive at 1000 pound bend (those of you paying close attention will count that as the fourth or fifth day this week. Hazelnut maple butter is my explanation).

Avo and fetta on rye with a side of hazelnut maple butter. genius.

It was pouring so I had the perfect excuse to hang around and check out what else was going on at the bend. I came across Kealey Nutt meandering around the Flood Relief Market – the exhibition on the walls is for flood relief too and it’s still up if you want to go see it. She didn’t buy these sunnies (error).

Kealey Nutt, founder of Thelma Magazine and general legend.

From there it was off to interview the Fold Studio, a collective of furniture designers, at Fitzroy’s The Standard Hotel. Off the main drag, lotsa tables. Turns out I was an hour early. Oh well, best have some lunch…

I don't want to speak too soon, but perhaps parma of the year...

Then, since I was just around the corner, silly not to go check out Rose Street Market…

it's love

Had to go home and work, but figured it could have been a worse day. I coulda been strung out like this guy…

sad song...

Have an excellent week!


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