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What have you come as?

February 2, 2011

I love fashion and I’ve been known to write about it, but truth be known I wasn’t sure about putting it on my blog. There are a lot of Melbourne bloggers blogging fashion’s pants off, so to speak. And they’re doing a bloody good job. I wanted to bring you style with a little different erm… style. And so I present, the first installment of, ‘What have you come as?’

I have taken pictures of myself, which I’m not sure is entirely appropriate (I’m certainly pretty conflicted about all this loogaddmeee action), but please take them with a grain of salt and trust me, they’re for entertainment purposes only! I could hardly start a segment called ‘What have you come as?’ and feature other people… because those people would punch me in the face, and rightly so.

Now, down to business. This dress I picked up at a sale some years ago. I didn’t used to wear it much as people came right up close and then slowly    walked   backwards. Turned out they were trying to reveal a magic picture of a unicorn or something. Once those magic picture books went out of fashion I brought this baby out. Yes ladies, it requires one of those undergarments which are completely unnatural, I’ve found a decent(ish) one but well, I won’t be going jogging in this get up. Send me an email if you’re a lovely curvy lady and want tips. Can’t put all my secrets up here… and it’s not that kind of site.


hi. yeah. uhuh. this is awkward.

This is my outfit. Someone clever would say something about the geometrics even-ing out a curvy chassis, the necklace drawing the eye up and the hair style elongating the neck, giraffe-style. I imagine.

Here’s how I formulated the outfit…

Uncanny resemblance yes? Thank you, Wilma.


That’s right, today’s outfit is brought to you by Wilma.

Meanwhile, how cute is this?

Aw, Dino.



Hello operator? My eyebrows seem to have been drawn half way up my forehead... can you help?

head to toe notes:

hair – I made it myself – messy topknot thing

Necklace, dress – old purchases from many moons ago

Shoes – my trusty Nine West from many years ago (probably made somewhere I wish they weren’t)

Yellow clutch handbag – Neo Tokyo

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