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just another much munch Monday… a cool drink

January 31, 2011

It’s hot outside. You knew that. It’s after 5pm and you’re drenched in sweat wishing you lived back home where your neighbour had a pool and you were allowed to vault the fence. Their garage freezer was packed with icy poles and the door was never locked. Those were the days.

No point expiring wistfully over above ground waterholes. Times are a changin’. If you know where to look though, you can find old skool rehydration right here in the city. Home made lemonade with plenty of tang. Ginger beer served up in those tin enamel cups you used to take camping.

Captains of Industry. Typed menus. Dishy boys making mens suits and shoes (ladies shoes too ladies. that’s what I said. James makes ladies shoes. he couldn’t be any more freaking amazing if he was made of chocolate).

If you’re lucky you’ll see the movie-star goddess type Karlee pulling apart a ham hock or something. She makes ladies 30’s – 50’s frocks and suits (but her studio is across the road). I swear. The place exists. And it’s right near GPO. Sort of. You’ll find it. Maybe you already knew about it. But you didn’t know about the ginger beer did you? alright smarty pants. well done then. just leave some for me.

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Captains of Industry – Level 1, 2 Somerset Pl. Melbourne

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