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it’s christmas eve eve

December 23, 2010


It’s Christmas Eve Eve!

Now some of you have finished your Christmas shopping and you can feel free to move along now if you like. Unless you have that sneaking suspicion you’ve forgotten someone. Someone who isn’t going to be happy with just that fancy box of biscuits you’ve wrapped with no label on it. Oh yes, I know your sneaky ways.

So… last minute huh?

Relax… grab your credit card… and enjoy. Just click on the picture you like, and it’s like a secret porthole to the online shop. Okay it’s just a link. Whatever.


Are you serious? You forgot your Mum? Alright. Don’t panic. If you’re seeing her on the day you’re going to need a bunch of flowers ok, unless she gets hayfever and then you’re going to need a box of chocolates. And a card.

Okay. I don’t know your Mum but here are some ideas:

Mama option 1

Dear Mum, thanks for all of your support over the past year. I hope 2011 is a great one for you and you get to take a little time out – I’ve arranged a little reading for you along the way. Hope you enjoy your subscription to [insert] magazine. Love [you]



Vogue Living

Mama option 2

Dear Mum, Wow this year has really flown by. It seems we don’t get a chance to catch up properly anymore, so I’ve arranged a dinner. [Date], [Time], [venue]. I’ll pick you up at 6pm? Love, [you]

ps. let me know if the date doesn’t work and we’ll reschedule.

Frankly, this one is genius – but you must make sure you follow through – make the reservation, pick her up, etc. I or there’ll be hell to pay.

Mama option 3

“Dear Mum, I know it’s a circus around here sometimes, but I really appreciate everything you do. I thought you might enjoy La Grand Cirque – it’s the best circus acts in the world, you know, just to put things in perspective. Love, [you]

Le Grand Cirque


Okay, if you haven’t got him a Bunnings voucher yet…

Dad Option 1

Hey Dad, [heartfelt thing you want to say] Hope the year ahead brings lots of laughter, in fact I guarantee it… Love [you]

Melbourne International Comedy Festival gift voucher

Sydney Comedy Festival

Dad option 2

Dear Dad, [something nice]. Hoping you’ll take a little time out this year. I’ve arranged a little delivery of Monocle Magazine so you can brush up on your trivia, not that you need it. love [you]


Dad option 3: surreal sense of humour dad
Dear [Dad name], I hear this Birdmann guy is a little off the wall and I’m sure you’ll have nooothing in common, but I reckon we should check him out. [Date, time, etc]. We could even grab some dinner beforehand. Maybe at The Honey Bar, maybe at St Ali, maybe at the crazy cool cafe next door… whichever way the wind blows you know? love, [you]

Birdman: Birdmannia - Butterfly Club, Melbourne


Sister option 1: Likes to laugh and hilarious cabaret and slightly political lyrics:

Hey [name you call your sister]. You’re not half bad. Tim Minchin is coming and I got you two tickets. Rock. Enjoy. Love [you]

Tim Minchin with an orchestra - genius

He’s playing prettymuch everywhere in Australia. Awesome.

Sister Option 2: Likes like the arts and stuff

Hey [Sister], I’m so proud of you growing up into a real girl and stuff. You’re not half bad. A friend told me about this cool mag [name of mag]  and I thought you’d like it so I got you a subscription. Hope you enjoy it. Stay awesome. Love [you]



Sister option 3: Impeccable taste and social conscience – also excellent gift for all humans who like things. Drum roll please….

Dear [sister name], you are the best sister in the world so I’ve arranged a subscription to the best magazine in the world and together you can plan World Peace and Love Domination, muwahahahaha. Namaste. Love, [you]


Sister option 4: goofycool

Dear Sister, I found the coolest UK label and I think you’ll love it so I’ve got you a voucher. It’s coming all the way from ENGLANDLAND. Check your mailbox, m’lady. Hope you think it is as rad as I think you are (very). Love [me]

Lazy Oaf: clothes, stationery, pizza necklaces

Sister option 5: lovely/classy/chic/grown up/other

Dear [name of sister] I wanted to get you something special and beautiful this Christmas, I found the store but I want the choice to be yours, so I’ve gotten you a gift certificate for Joolz handmade jewellery. You’ll love it. Go on click the hyperlink in this Christmas card and it will take you there. Or enter into the internets. Enjoy. love, [you]

gorgeous Black Rose earrings from Joolzgirl (aka Airdrie)

ooh look at that necklace...


Brother Option 1: design school too cool for school

Merry Christmas mate, Love [you]

Wad - it's in French and English and contains arty(ish) nudity

Brother option 2: Cheese Lover

Dear [your brother’s name], I love you man. I don’t want to get cheesey but. In fact yes I do. I got you cheese vouchers. They’re really gouda. Enjoy. Love [you]

Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder

They deliver amazing tasty (or otherwise) cheese anywhere in Australia. Excuse me. I just need to take a moment.

Brother option 3: you secretly know he’s tagging up, but he’s quite good at it…


Brother in law

Merry Christmas Mate, [your name]

Does he know everything? Make him know everything about something you give a shit about:

Beer and Brewer

Favourite Aunty

Dear Aunty [name], Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with great food and lots of laughter. I found this great food magazine called Dish and I thought you’d like it so I’ve arranged a subscription for you. Love, [you]

Dish - bit NZ-centric - but awesome

Mother in Law

How about a day spa or something? Here’s a Melbourne one called Sakura.

More people

There are more? Did you do any shopping?

Okay… umm…

something beautiful and ethical from Ethikl? No gift vouchers so you’ll have to tell them it’s in the post…

Something for everyone

Georgie Love has something for everyone but mostly for babies, girls and ladies (although there is some great boy stuff!)… and there are gift vouchers!

Georgie Love lady gift (she can choose her own with a gift voucher)

Georgie Love baby gift (they can choose their own with a gift voucher too)

Blue Caravan is awesome and has some excellent man gifts in addition to beautiful lady gifts, homewares and loads of other things… but you’ll have to tell them they’re in the mail… (they’ll be worth the wait)

Blue Caravan: iphone or ipod case in industrial dark grey wool felt and tan leather

Blue Caravan: Batik swimsuit

Nothing, really…

For the person who really doesn’t want a new something, how about a donation to a charitable institution?

Meshel Laurie has a great lot of recommendations on her website.

Okay. I know you haven’t forgotten your special lady friend. But if you have… whoa. Tell her you’ve arranged for a dress to be made for her by the one and only Peta Pledger. Drop Peta a line at peta[at] and you can discuss how to arrange the gift voucher. You can tell her I sent you but it really doesn’t matter because she’s lovely to everyone.

Honey, I feel like it’s Christmas morning every day waking up with you. I know you love beautiful things, and so do I. I love you, and you love dresses. I’ve arranged for Peta Pledger to make one just for you. Drop her a line at peta[at] and she’ll make that shit happen. arrange it all with you. I love you, [you]

Phew. That was close buddy. Don’t ever do that again.

Merry Christmas lovelies.


p.s. I know that all you ladyfolk have your beau’s gift’s covered… but just in case…

A hat – pick up a fedora or panama somewhere, who doesn’t love a man in a hat? Smart Alec Hatters, 71 Smith Street, Fitzroy… or if you’re not around there – your local chemist might have something…

Learn something… check out your local adult learning centre:

How about RELAXATION MASSAGE – THE VITAL TOUCH self interest, moi?

African drumming classes?

Is he a Sting fan? Sting’s coming!

Or how about this pizza oven? It’s probably at your local kitchenware place too and it rocks.

Or a weekend away? The Bellarine Taste trail in Victoria is a winner… or check out your local regional foodie area.


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