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the original chica chica boom chick

December 7, 2010

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of heading beachside to check out Belle Bijoux’ beautiful new collection, Carmen.

Inspired by the fabulous Carmen Miranda (who chicka chicka boomed long before the current Australian popular culture mole. whoops did I say that?), the collection is utterley fabulous (and incidentally, perfect for carrying fruit).

check this out:

Spot on inspiration for these beauties…


never let it be said that I don't appreciate team sports...

on reflection


it's @busichic, and in the background, with her legs crossed the other way, @bellebijoux herself!

when all you're keeping up is appearances...


pretty in...


this belt just happens to perfectly match @busichic's dress...

one for the road.

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  1. December 7, 2010 2:39 pm

    soooo purdy! And so great to meet Belle and her wonderful creative team – I’m still thinking about THAT baaag! (which one, you ask? yes – i know, I can’t decide either!)

    Nice to re-live the sunny beach memories on a very rainy day in Melbourne. Xx

    • loupardi permalink*
      December 7, 2010 6:47 pm

      Indeed. And I never thought I’d say this… but the pink is pretty great. x

  2. Juanita permalink
    December 7, 2010 9:36 pm

    Hi Lou!
    I didn’t know you knew Belle.
    That pink bag looks hot on you

    • loupardi permalink*
      December 7, 2010 9:51 pm

      Hi there!

      Hope all’s well at SYKE!

      That pink bag is awesome on Cheryl! It’s a gorgeous collection.


  3. December 9, 2010 5:02 pm


    must photograph LOU more for her blog so people know who the REAL pardi gal is! Xx

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