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October 28, 2010


I won’t kid ya, I’m a little concerned. The concerned you feel when you get paid for the very last time by your fulltime, easy, rent-payin’ job and NAB screws up your pay for days so the mystery as to how long you can survive (financially speakin’ whoa now, there’s always couches to be had in this wide brown land) is prolonged.

I still haven’t done the math. I’ve paid my rent for a little bit, I’m owed money a little bit… she’ll be right (look now, I’m more Aussie than I thought).

So, the heads-up for those of you who have stumbled across this pardi pardi (don’t worry, we shall in time, get this pardi started, what’s with all the puns and dad-jokes to be had), is that I’ve been writing for five years and I figure it’s time to take off the floaties, jump in the deep end and do some big-girl swimming (I can’t swim. Bad simile) freelance-writin’-style.

So – here on this blog I shall be sharing awesome things I find along the way – food, style, opinions, people, nice smiles, puppies, chocolate, conservation, travel… that kind of thing. With the occassional sanity check from me. Like this one. If you want the san-er more professional Lou, head on over to where the sun is always shinin’, the deadline is always do-able, and the rent is always paid.

Thanks for coming. I know there’s about sixteen bazillion places you could be.

Speaking of places to be, I need to take the toe spacers from between my feet-digits, nail polish remover out the spots on my fingertips where I coloured out of the line, wipe off this facemask (who knows how long it’s been on… a while) and gets ready for the triple j awards, or as they say in twitter lands, #jawards (somewhat french for an Aus music celebration, but who am I to say?).

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  1. November 30, 2010 4:46 pm

    Best of luck in the big kids pool!
    If prior form is anything to go by you CAN swim and you will make a podium finish in any race you enter.

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